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Innerface Sounds
Is dedicated to the promotion of NEW ARTISTS...With an unprecedented approach at product sales, Innerface Sounds is blazing a new trail in the cyber world for new and promising artists.  

With Innerface Sounds knowledge and experience in e-commerce we can help you with your new project...from all aspects of the music industry!  Our main focus is on line sales of your works through the use of state-of-the-art e-marketing concepts.  Our site design group can create and maintain your web presence from the initial URL registration to the creation & Hosting of your site.   Innerface Sounds on-line distribution network will get your project the most exposure on the internet.

Lloyd Khan Sound Designer

"Inner Sanctum"
is full of eclectic treasures for the soul. 

The rhythms and pulse of these sounds truly are inspiring - food for the soul! 
Lloyd Khan at his best yet...

Lloyd Khan Sound Designer Innerface Sounds
Lloyd Khan Live in Concert Khanfusion